Content and page copy are crucial to creating a successful landing page. Content and copy are becoming more and more important as the years goes by so you might want to avoid having the same old boring copy as everyone else has.
Make your copy stand out and make sure it is engaging enough for people to stay on your page!

Consider the follow copy tips for 2014:

1. Improve Your Wording

One of the first things you can do to enhance your copy is to take a fresh new look at it especially if the original copy was written already 5 months or 5 years ago. Even if most of the copy doesn’t necessarily need to be changed, viewing it with a fresh set of eyes can help you spot errors or problems.

Omit repetitive wording, for instance using the word “great” too much (e.g. “we have a great product and it does great things for the buyer” – change this ASAP). Using a variety of words helps the copy get a good flow to it as well as to keep the reader interested on your page. If you can’t come up with excellent wording on your own, consider using a thesaurus or hiring a copywriter.

2. Attract People with Your Headline

We all know that the headline is one of the most important parts of a copy. It is the first thing that people see on your page and it is what will keep them reading. If readers cannot connect with your headline, then right then and there you have already lost them.  Here are some effective tips to ensure you have a perfect heading:

  • Use emotion – At the very least, make your readers feel something when reading your headline. Capture their emotion or how they should feel about your product. It doesn’t matter if you want to make them feel excited, curious, etc. as long as the emotion you use is consistent with your product.
  • Instill a need – Tell your reader that he/she needs your product. Offer a few details or benefits as to why it is important to buy your product. Absolutely no one is going to buy a product if he/she doesn’t feel he has any use for it.
  • Ask a question – Asking a question in the headline of your copy is a great way to get readers attention and encourage them to continue on to the bottom your page. Curiosity draws in readers especially if they want to know the answer to your question. You might also want to give your readers a hint as to how your product will answer the question or fix the problem you posted early on.
  • Don’t go overboard – Use interesting wording and make sure you engage your customers, BUT try your best to not go overboard. Your page copy’s heading should be interesting and thought-provoking enough, but keep it short and easy to read.

3. Target a Specific Audience

Understanding your target audience has always been very important. Use the language and communication skills you have to get your point across to your specific readership, not to everyone else. If your target audience is young adults or teenagers, then you need to write in a completely different style, compared to if you’re talking to retired gentlemen.


4. Include Facts and Statistics

Of course a good copy can be more unique and interesting with facts or statistics. If you fail to include at least a few more information, then your copy is definitely lacking something. If you’re selling a caffeinated product aiming to help people stay awake easier and longer, you can include facts or trivia such as: “Did you know that about 56% of British pilots admit that they actually fall asleep during a flight?” – This style of copywriting garners more interest than plainly saying “even good pilots fall asleep when on duty.”

On the other hand when including facts and statistics, it is always wise to cite your references. You don’t want to get mixed up with a lawsuit or other issue for providing inaccurate facts or information. List down where you found your information or provide a link (or hyperlink) to the sources in your copy.

5. Rethink Your Closing Lines

In the previous years, short, sweet closing lines with call-to-action and nothing more are very commonplace; however, this is no longer the case today. In closing your page, you need to be able to summarize everything on the page while keeping it interesting and engaging. If a reader makes it to the very end of your copy without leaving, then it is only right to make them feel wonderful with a great ending. Your closing doesn’t have to be long because usually, a couple of thought out sentences already does the trick. Still, it needs to remain engaging and reveal more than just your call-to-action if you want readers to leave a response.


6. Change Perspectives

Many people write landing pages in the first person perspective. This way you can share your personal experiences and the way the product has helped you. But while informing your readers about these is great, it can also make them feel like you are talking AT them. Try using second person point-of-view instead to engage them. Focus on the customer’s experience and what the product can do for THEM instead of on your own information or experience. This perspective allows the reader to feel engaged because you’re specifically talking to them.

7. Try New Things

Create several different versions of the copy of your landing page, then test them. Even if you’re fully confident about your writing, it helps to try different styles in your split testing. This ensures that every word you use in your copy is perfect. It will help you figure out what strategy works best for your product.  Do not be scared to go outside your comfort zone because this will help you discover the best wording for your customers. As usual, have someone else reread and proofread your copy before you publish it.

Continue writing, testing, and reinventing your landing page copy to get you the best quality content. Following these tips allows you to elicit the response you want from your readers as well as take your website to a whole new level plus greatly improve your conversion rates. By writing the right copy for your site or product, you will attract a larger audience and guarantee better returns on every detail you put in to your landing page.